Monday, May 23, 2011

New Look 6470

This is another favorite pattern of mine. Lots of different looks from one pattern. I have actually made 4 tops from this pattern, one with the wrap bodice to which I added a band at the bottom (b/w zebra print), two with the wrap bodice that ties at the hip and one of the cowl neck. My recommendation when cutting the wrap bodice is to pay attention and be sure to lay your pattern pieces right side up before cutting. You will notice that I have one top that ties on the right side and one that ties on the left. On the black and white python print I had one of the pattern pieces turned over so that it would be a better fit on the fabric. It totally doesn't matter but it will make following the pattern instructions a little confusing.

Okay, here's a test. I bought the tie dye looking fabric at High Fashion and I love it! When the saleswoman was unrolling the bolt she pointed out a flaw in the fabric which I didn't even catch because the print is so busy anyway. She ended up giving me about 3/4 of a yard extra to avoid the flaw. I had a pretty good chunk of this fabric left after cutting the top that ties on the side and decided to try and get the cowl top out of it. I fiddled around trying to cut around the flaw and then thought..."live on the edge...put that sucker smack dab in the middle of the front and dare anyone to find it!" No one has yet...Where's Waldo?

Dare you to find the flaw!