Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comfy, Cozy Christmas Robe

What is yummier than a soft, flannel robe? I've had Butterick 3655 forever and have made several short spa length robes but not a full length one. I envisioned a soft buttery cream color with a plaid cut on the diagonal for the shawl collar and cuffs. Nothing is more frustrating than going to the fabric store with a the perfect creation in your head and then not being able to find the exact fabric. A Christmas angel was on my shoulder! The bolts of flannel practically attacked me as I wandered down the aisle.

Since the flannels were of different weight I washed and dried them both before cutting out. Softer and yummier than ever, I laid out my pattern and cut away. I did take some care matching the plaid, especially on the collar. Inasmuch as this was not an even plaid I cut the collars with a single layer of fabric. I placed the pattern, cut one piece, then turned that piece over, laid it on the fabric and matched the plaid of the cut piece to the remaining fabric. Easy peasy. I did buy a little extra fabric for matching. The cuffs I wasn't as careful with and they look fine.

Three things the pattern doesn't tell you to do so I will tell you. After pressing the shawl collar I topstitched around the edge to give it a finished look and also to keep it from rolling after I wash it. Shown here:

Another thing I did was to sew the facing down from the shoulder all the way to the hem. It's a wide facing and if it isn't sewn down it's just this flapping thing you will always be fiddling with. I had it flapping around on one of the short spa robes I made and one day said "Why am I always fiddling with this thing? Sew the damn thing down." It made all the difference in the world! Here is approximately where I'm talking about:

Lastly, I cut 4 plaid cuffs instead of two. That way there was a nicely finished side when the cuff is rolled up with plaid on both sides.

Here's the pattern...I'm not sure it's still in print but I'm sure there are others that are the exact same's a very classic style:

I will be making an exact replica of this robe. My sister saw it and wants one for Christmas. Let's see, today is December problem!