Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kandy's Quilt

This is a blooming nine patch quilt made for my friend Kandy. I am lucky enough to be temporarily storing it for her. It is currently residing on my dining room wall and I hung some of my original artwork on it. By the way, large sewing needles make great picture hangers...they are not harming this quilt and make very small holes in the wall behind. The fabrics in the quilt are mostly oriental inspired prints. (The top is folded over so a bit of of the backing shows there) Here is a close up of the koi fabric which is one of my favorites. This quilt is simply divine and alive with shapes and colors that build upon each other like the busy activity of a colorful marketplace... 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Vogue 1241

This is a Kay Unger designer pattern and I love it. I also love the fabric that I used to make this dress. What I don't love is the marriage of the pattern and the fabric. I wanted a look similar to the dress on the pattern envelope which I think really shows off the beautiful lines of this dress as shown below. The repeat on that fabric is very large and the repeat on mine is very small. I still love the dress and will enjoy wearing it but I learned a valuable lesson for the next time I want a specific result from my fabric choice.