Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skinny Legged Jeans on Halloween

The inspiration for this pair of Jalie's was Style Arc's adorable Sandra jean with the narrow legs. I actually had the pattern in my cart ready to order from Chloe but, as I usually do when on her site, I got stuck in the "no" position seeing that the shipping costs as much as the pattern. Plus, I probably have a similar pattern in my stash or one that is more easily obtainable. I love Style Arc's patterns but I knew I could modify my Jalie pattern to look exactly the same.
I did a Pattern Review on this project mostly focusing on the fact that I used a NON, and I mean NON-stretch fabric...cotton duck, which has about as much give as heavy canvas. But it washes well, comes in a ton of cute colors and it doesn't fade.
I used an Asian-inspired quilting cotton from my stash for the pockets, waistband and fly shield because I love for the inside to be as cute as the outside:

And, here are my signature pockets, including my orange tab in homage to having been raised on Levi's:

I love my new jeans! I enjoy wearing them, plan to make more, and would be happy to mentor anyone out there who feels too intimidated to plunge into the world of jean making. When you conquer a pair of jeans, you feel like you can conquer the world!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope all your days are only sew-sew!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eggplant and Ochre

I've always loved these two colors together and there is something about these opposites on the color wheel that just shouts "Fall is in the air". My yellow ochre tights don't show up very well in the photo for some reason, they are more striking in person. And I am completely in love with McCall's 6163! Easy, stylish, form-fitting and a great faux-wrap for any season. I foresee many more versions of this dress in my closet. 
I pretty much sewed this one straight out of the envelope, sans the side zipper. No design changes and only a couple of my preferred techniques thrown in. Those are talked about in my Pattern Review here. 
Thanks for stopping by!...To any of you on the east coast, stay high and dry from Sandy. And here's hoping most days are only sew-sew!