Friday, November 8, 2013

Renfrew, Renfrew, Renfrew

Surely, the renown pinnacle of the campy Brady Bunch show was the "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" episode. Poor Jan, it was always all about Marsha.
Well, now it's all about the Renfrew. I was late getting on this train but I'm so happy it didn't leave the station without me. I swore I wasn't going to review it but it simply has to be done. Not so much a review as a share the love, kumbaya jubilee. What a great pattern. What a fabulous top. Many a knit top I've made. Many a favorite I've touted. This one has something different, something extra.
I've made it 3 times and have 3 completely different tops. The cowl reacts differently with every fabric. Soft and cozy with the spotty cotton knit from  Hobby Lobby, dressy with the heavy and drapey bronze on black Rococo knit from Vogue Fabrics and luxurious with the sage and nutmeg tones of the Missoni Lace knit from High Fashion.
So, what is that something different and extra? I think it is the band finishing. A total serge-fest. Clean and neat on the inside and oh, so great on the outside.
So far I've only experimented with the cowl version but look forward to making the other views. If you've not yet treated yourself to this fab Sewaholic pattern, please do it. Before the train pulls out!

Friday, November 1, 2013

BurdaStyle U.S. Premiere Issue!

I just downloaded the first BurdaStyle U.S. magazine. The entire magazine! All 196 pages of it. Is it packed with good articles? Check. Cute fall and winter patterns? Check. The patterns themselves? Check, check.
It's a very interesting concept. Some of the patterns are included in the usual style Burda "map" that is at the end of the magazine. These have to be cut and pieced like a regular digital pattern. The rest are available as free downloads from Burda and you are given a code to access those. Fairly brilliant in my opinion. A pretty good sewing fix for $14.99.
Now, were many of the patterns re-treads from previous issues? Yes, but they do that in the print magazine as well. The only downside I see is not being able to preview all the patterns before purchasing. I don't subscribe to BurdaStyle but instead buy it at the local international magazine store...that is IF I decide I want it after previewing.
Check it out! I think it's a cool concept. Those of you who have shied away from BurdaStyle will really enjoy it...there's an excellent tutorial on how their patterns work.
See for yourself! Here's the LINK.