Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chanel worthy DKNY

My dear friend Kandy lost her mom earlier this year. Jodie Bell was a sought after interior designer here in Houston and a woman of impeccable taste and style. Kandy recently gifted me with a pair of Jodie's shoes...Chanel sling back pumps...cream with the signature quilted black toe. I will wear them with pride and in honor of Jodie and the beautiful art that she created.

The new shoes needed a dress! One befitting their elegance. I decided upon Vogue 1250, a simple Donna Karan sheath with a soft and drapey cowl neckline. This is actually the third time I have made this dress and I think it is my favorite. It is perfect for the shoes and I can't wait to wear it! I hope Jodie would be pleased with my selection...


  1. what a lovely looking dress and what a fantastic gift - I would love some Chanel shoes - enjoy wearing your outfit and I am sure each time you will remember you friend.

  2. Such a wonderful story, and I know you will wear the shoes with pride and happiness.


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