Sunday, January 29, 2012

Impatiently waiting for spring...

Balmy Houston, TX has yet to have any kind of noticeable winter so I thought I would just start sewing for spring. I've had Vogue 8747 on my wish list for a while but I'm not sure why. I never wear blouses. I think I have might have 3 in my entire closet. I was convinced that I didn't like blouses. And then it occurred to me why. I have never been able to find a RTW blouse that fits properly. If it fit in the bust without gaposis then it was swimming around my neck and shoulders and waist. Enter custom fit patterns with cup sizes! Hello great fitting shirt, good bye pain in the a** FBA!

This shirt is adorable and I love it. Especially with the fabric I found. A cotton with 3% spandex. Perfect for this fitted shirt pattern. I can't wait to wear this with a white skirt or pants when the weather warms up. In fact, I think I'll buy some more and make a skirt to match, belt it at the hip, cute sandals and voila!

This was the first time I've made buttonholes in I can't remember when but it came back quickly. However, sewing buttons on has always been a pet peeve of mine. Then I remembered a Bernina class waaaay back and learning to sew buttons on by machine. I marked the button placements in the usual way then scotch taped a button on its mark. My buttons have 4 holes. Two would work just as well. I set my machine for its widest zig zag stitch. Using my buttonhole foot because it has a big opening I positioned the button so that the zig zag would go in one hole then cross over to the other. I used the hand wheel manually so as not to accidentally stab a button. Six or seven stitches then I turned the button for the stitch to create an X. Lastly I set my machine to stay on one hole and did 3-4 stitches to "lock". sewing buttons on by hand!

I love this little blouse and will make it again, maybe with the collar. I like the 3/4 length sleeves. I like the band without the looks sort of Mandarin-ish. Especially with this leafy fabric. Come on spring...I want to wear this cute blouse!


  1. What a lovely blouse - love the combo of pattern & fsbric!

    I have always had the opposite problem to you - my RTW blouses fit fine in the shoulders, but I could store two canteloupes in the billowing chestal region. Not a good look.

  2. Your blouse is so cheerful and isn't it nice to be a step ahead with new spring attire! I try to avoid buttonholes because something always goes wrong, but your's look great. Good job!

  3. ohhh, cute spring blouse. It is really flattering on you. I am impatiently working through my self imposed sewing list and longing to work with spring fabrics.

  4. Love it! Just so happens that pattern is in my queue and I just took out the collar use with another pattern. Now I know that I have to make it!

  5. I really like your blouse and the fabric, look forward to seeing it in real life soon :-)

  6. Great looking blouse and the fit is perfect. It will look wonderful with white pants.


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