Monday, February 27, 2012

Showcasing My "Love" Fabric!

I raved about this fabric last July when I found it on the half price table at High Fashion. It is a rayon weave and I love the colors in it and wanted something that would really show it off. I pictured a long dress like one I had years ago that I loved. I searched and searched for a pattern and had no luck. Then one day I was searching on Simplicity for all patterns with cup sizes. I found 2232 which is a Khalia Ali Collection. I thought all of her patterns were plus sizes only but they actually go down to Misses 10. This sleeveless dress was very similar to what I had in mind so I tried it. I made View A without the pockets...they seemed a little house dress-ish to me. Here is the pattern envelope:

And here is my cute dress:

I love the cut in shoulders and the buttons down the front. There are two tabs at the back waist with buttons that are very hard to see because of the print ...a little easier to see on the close up:

This is a cute pattern and it was easy to put together. If you don't need smaller than a Misses 10 give it a try. I can't wait for summer to wear it. And to get some sun on my white legs!


  1. Your dress is adorable-and I like Khaliah Ali designs for casual clothes.

  2. This is brilliant. The fabric is one that I wouldn't have purchased off the roll - but seeing what you have done with it makes me want it - also the pattern picture in the chambray is quite boring where your dress is great.

  3. Great looking dress - looks brilliant on you (where is the "red dress"?????

  4. I've chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you like, you can visit my blog and grab it and post it on yours.

  5. Oh wow Kahlia Ali does regular sized patterns? yay!


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