Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Shirt! Just as pretty on the inside!

I just finished S2339 and have found a new TNT for a great shirt. I know...I know...you're thinking "how great could a shirt pattern be?" And...it does look sort of boring based on the pattern envelope...she looks like she is about to serve a tray of petit fours at tea:

But this really is an amazing pattern...in fit, but also construction. I made this shirt completely by machine and serger...not a single hand stitch on it, even the yoke. The inside is almost as pretty as the outside:

I've reviewed the yoke construction in detail on PR. It really is quite an amazing process. Oh...

and my skirt...

No one will be surprised that I made yet another B5466. I just loved this Ralph Lauren-esque fabric:

Okay, on to my next project...not sure what it will be...I only know that it will be...


  1. Looks lovely. Yours is much better than the one of the front of the pattern.

  2. Thanks for pointing out this shirt pattern. I am going to check out your review on PR

  3. Beautiful shirt, Dorcas! I've admired this pattern for a while but put off making button down shirts. Your's is inspirational indeed and I'll be sure to check out the PR. Very cute skirt too!!

  4. B5466 is my TNT skirt pattern too.
    The shirt looks great! I have this pattern in my stash but I have yet to pull it out and try it.

  5. You wrote a comprehensive review on PR, and I am lusting after this shirt now.

  6. goodness you are on a roll with your sewing - love the shirt and the skirt - need to check out PR for your revew

  7. Great fitting shirt - must check it out - thanks.


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