Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I love it but I'm happy it's over!

This is Vogue 1297 and although I love the way it turned out it was a nightmare in the making. My review on PR is thorough so I'm not repeating it here but just wanted to add a few additional comments and pics.

Most of this dress was cut on the cross grain and I chose what I discovered was a totally unsuitable knit because of its tiny rib. In the picture below the green straw is sitting on a seam that took in the hip gusset. All of the fabric to the right of the straw was completely unnecessary:

After that alteration I ended up with a hip that fit:

Lastly, the cross grain on the layer underneath the pocket made it droop out at the hem. I had to take a huge wedge shaped bite out of each side to alleviate this:

I do love the end result, though. And I know I am famous for repeating patterns over and over but I'm parking this one in a handicapped space for the time being! 


  1. The dress looks wonderful on you, sadly I am not sure my hips could take that sort of definition because they are big enough lol.

  2. Well, after all that work it looks great on! Learning what not to do as well as what to do are equally important. Great Job!

  3. wow! that looks like it was a Chore...! Glad it turned out great after all. :-)

  4. This is a most flattering dress - just go with the colour that suits you and your feel comfortable with. Orange is YOU.

  5. The dress is really cute, but I'm sorry you had so much trouble.........
    beautiful fabric and the fit looks great now! I seriously wonder how some of the patterns ever make it off of the drafting table :)

  6. Thank you for the excellent review of this pattern. I tried on Sandra Betzina's dress, size D, at the Power Sewing retreat and was sold on making one of my own. The size D fit well across the chest area with, no FBA. This surprised me. I also noticed the fullness in the lower part of the dress.

    This is a very flattering silhouette. And I still will make it, but I'll be very careful when choosing a fabric and cutting the lower part of the dress. Thanks again for an excellent review.


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