Friday, November 2, 2012

We Need a Cold Snap!


This is Vogue 8795 and it was SO much fun. Great pattern that lends itself to a lot of creativity. My pea brain cannot process the color brown without trying to finagle a way to get orange next to it so...I serged my seams in orange as a decorative element and also decorated the zipper tape with a pop of it.

I gave kudos to Sew4Fun on my PR for doing all the fitting on this for me. I so wish I was like her...tracing my patterns and making beautiful new pieces with all of my changes noted and alterations incorporated within the new pattern piece. Sadly, I didn't come into this world with that gene. I'm more of a "start drawing with a Sharpie then go at it with my rotary cutter" sort of girl. I'm learning to embrace that trait. Anyway, we both arrive at the result we want so...
Back the collar!

Here is a close up of the double zig-zag stitching on the zipper tape and the serged edges in what else? Orange!

Thanks for stopping in...have a great weekend and if you haven't already done so...VOTE!!


  1. Yum. Those colours are great and I love your collar. Nice work on the zip!

  2. love the burst of orange great looking jacket - hope your cooler weather arrives soon.

  3. My gosh you've been busy sewing!!!!!!! What a cute jacket - I adore your zipper stitching :)

  4. I like this! Orange is one of my favorite colors and like your use of it here.

  5. Perfect use of orange -- very cute!

  6. Your jacket is gorgeous. As all my pupils are tired of hear me say, my favourite colour is orange.
    I really envy your jacket

  7. Love it! So much fun and colors and print are great!

  8. Love your jacket and the touch of orange. I just found your blog via Goodbye Valentino and we share a couple locations as I live in Atascocita (just NE of Houston) and I grew up in Webster Groves, MO - small world, eh? I also share your coloring and simply love your fabric choices. Do you belong to ASG or other sewing organizations in the area?



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