Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013: Get a New Story!

My sewing goal for the new year is to be adventurous!
I want to try new things: fabrics I've not sewn with before, more challenging techniques and details, as well as products and notions that might make my sewing easier and more enjoyable. Maybe even a new style silhouette here and there, even though I feel like I have a good grasp on what works best for me. 
My first project this year incorporated a newly discovered fabric: Sherpa

Sherpa is a faux shearling that is 100% polyester. One side is like an ultra-suede  and the reverse is a pile resembling a lamb or sheep pelt. I found it easy to sew with once I did a little experimenting with feet and needles. I achieved the results I wanted with a jeans needles and jeans foot.  
McCall's 6656 was my inspiration for this jacket. I originally envisioned making my version of PattyE's, which I absolutely adore and still plan to make, but while wandering around the fabric store with the pattern I was about to purchase, I noticed view C made from shearling. And as if on cue, I happened upon a big, fat bolt of Sherpa, the "green" version of shearling. Well, okay, maybe not "green" but certainly animal friendly!
I have more details on my first 2013 adventure on Pattern Review. I'm excited about my goal of not only kicking my skills up a notch, but also stepping out of the comfort zone I've been cocooned in the last year.

If the challenge sounds like something you'd like to embark on, I'd love for you to join me in the quest to "get a new story"!


  1. Wow! That is fabulous! The pattern and fabric work really well together!

  2. Ooh, that does look cosy. Good luck with the "new story"

  3. Great looking jacket you will have to come over to the UK to get more wear out of it ha ha.

  4. You started the year on the right foot, didn´t you! Absolutely gorgeous coat. Beyond chic!
    Get a new story? I´m planning to try new things too: knitting, and underwear (but not together :D)

  5. Well you are certainly off to an adventurous start! I love your jacket!

  6. That coat is gorgeous - absolutely lovely. Couldn't comment before because is was sooo hot here (Over 43C - 110F yesterday) a lot cooler today so I could really look at your jacket without melting. It looks so soft and cosy. Love it.

  7. I have some light green sherpa that's been waiting for the right pattern so I will give McCalls a try after your great success. Did you line the sleeves to make it easier to slip on and off?

  8. Hi sewingkm. No, I didn't line my sleeves. Seems easy enough to get in and out of. Good luck with yours!

  9. I am joining you in your quest for a new story! My fabric is also 100% poly--I purchased it at JoAnns. I have so much shedding at the cut edge I don't know what to do to control it. Did you do anything other than use a lint roller? With the amount of times I will wear this jacket, I am afraid it is going to continually shed. Any suggestions?

  10. Oooh. That's a great coat. I have some black sherpa and a similar Kwik Sew pattern that I'll try when the weather starts to cool down here.
    Last month I sewed jungle prints because of Jungle January. I was too shy to wear this type of print but now I can - one piece at a time.
    All the best with your new story.


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