Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Spring Pantone Color Contest

The spring Pantone colors are beautiful and stray just enough from my usual color palette to entice me into entering. what?!
Since I needed a two-piece outfit and the colors needed to adhere to the Pantone limitations, and also pass muster from our contest facilitator, the lovely Sigrid, I decided I'd better shop for fabric locally rather than online. Nothing floated my boat! I came home empty handed and discouraged.
Wait a minute, might there be something in my stash? Eureka! I had two fabrics that I thought might work; a polyester poplin I had purchased earlier this year from High Fashion and a knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. I photographed them and asked Sigrid to apply her "magic dots":


Yippee! Sigrid agreed that my fabrics have close representations of 7 of the 10 Pantone colors as shown below and marked by scissors: what??
Every time I go through my patterns I think of that scene from Gone With the Wind when Scarlett tells Mammy, "Go up to the attic and get Mother's old box of dress patterns!" She was on a roll with Ms. Ellen's portiers and so was I with my poplin!
The dress I decided to embark on is almost lost on the pattern envelope. Semi-boring, right?:
But wait!
The line drawing is awesome! For me, almost like making a long-line bra! I'm in!
It turns out the hard part was finding a pattern for a coordinating piece for my knit fabric, of which I didn't have very much. Then I found V8885. At first glance, rather , eh...
Grandmother-of the-Bride-ish:
Until I saw the line drawing of View A and then I thought it would be just the snappy little accompaniment that I needed for my dress:
The rest is sew, sew, sew. I have complete reviews of V8718 and V8885 on Pattern Review and here is my official contest flyer:

Thanks so much for reading about my contest adventure! And, please, let me know what you think of my interpretation of the 2013 Spring Pantone colors! Check out all the entries on Pattern Review and cast your vote!


  1. I love the complete outfit, an inspired combination.

  2. A great interpretation of the Pantone colours for Spring and the perfect outfit.

  3. Great colour combinations! So fresh! I have that pattern too...the raglan sleeve t-shirt is a nice one - another case of needing to look at the line drawing rather than the model.

  4. Wow, great color combo and definitely a match with a lot of the Spring 2013 Pantone colors.

  5. WOW! is right!! This is an absolutely beautiful outfit, and the colours are fabulous!

  6. Well, I had to comment again. Not just the colors, but your pattern choices are awesome too!

  7. gosh I love the lines of that dress and you are looking slimmer than ever - you foxy thing you. You have my vote - good luck in the competition.

  8. You look incredible! Those are great colors for you....what a pretty combination

  9. Emm WOW! Stunning fit - you'd look good in any colour!

  10. WOWY WOW! You've got my vote.


  11. An excellent choice, you look amazing.


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