Friday, November 1, 2013

BurdaStyle U.S. Premiere Issue!

I just downloaded the first BurdaStyle U.S. magazine. The entire magazine! All 196 pages of it. Is it packed with good articles? Check. Cute fall and winter patterns? Check. The patterns themselves? Check, check.
It's a very interesting concept. Some of the patterns are included in the usual style Burda "map" that is at the end of the magazine. These have to be cut and pieced like a regular digital pattern. The rest are available as free downloads from Burda and you are given a code to access those. Fairly brilliant in my opinion. A pretty good sewing fix for $14.99.
Now, were many of the patterns re-treads from previous issues? Yes, but they do that in the print magazine as well. The only downside I see is not being able to preview all the patterns before purchasing. I don't subscribe to BurdaStyle but instead buy it at the local international magazine store...that is IF I decide I want it after previewing.
Check it out! I think it's a cool concept. Those of you who have shied away from BurdaStyle will really enjoy it...there's an excellent tutorial on how their patterns work.
See for yourself! Here's the LINK.


  1. Shame they don't preview the designs inside. From the illustrations it appears the yanks are getting a bum deal. All the patterns are repeats from earlier European editions, which are printed in English.

    1. I agree, Gail. However, the Big 4 is doing the same thing when you really look at the line drawings. All the more reason I want the best deal on a pattern I can get.

  2. oh, this is promising for me, who lives in frontierland. I laughed out loud when you wrote " the local international magazine store" Thanks so much for the link.

    1. Mary, I sometimes think living in frontierland would be heaven!


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