Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shhhhhh... Don't Tell Anybody... These are Pull-on Pants!!

I just zipped up the pants from Vogue 1197...and they have NO zipper! I had already made the cute tunic from this pattern and have continued to be intrigued by the simplicity (no pun) of the pants. One (1) pattern piece! Inseam and crotch seam and that's it. Adorable vent at the ankle and an elastic waist with no gathering that fits FLAT at the waist:

Now, in order to get the pegged leg at the ankle I graded down to a size A from 14" above my ankle down:

You can then fold up and check your angles:

I will be making these babies by the dozens! Easy peasy and cute! I'm even going to make some to work out in...perfect for yoga!


  1. They look fab and I won't tell a soul if you tell me what your fabric is...BTW you have a tiny waist.

  2. I have one pair of pull on pants...... and I love them........ and I get compliments on the outfit..... and they make me look thin.
    I've never made any because I pretend I don't wear them.
    You look great...... the pants look great and I love the tapered leg. Enlightening!!

  3. The pants are great! I need to get that pattern.

  4. I agree with Ruth your waist is tiny - I am sure a pull on pant would make me look huge but yours look great on, no wonder you are making them by the dozen.

  5. I love both the top and bottom that you made with the pattern. your blog has made me think twice about sewing knits! do you use a serger?


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