Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Customer Service is alive and well in Manchaca, TX!

It's true! This is a great find...

First of all, I'm a native Texan and have combed this great state from the northern panhandle to the Rio Grande valley and I'd never even heard of Manchaca. Doesn't matter...The Fat Quarter Shop calls it home and that's good enough for me.

After shopping around locally and then online, I ordered Robert Kaufman Kona cotton from the FQS  to make a garment for the PR Natural Fabrics contest. Don't be fooled by the name, their selection of cotton fabrics waaaay surpasses fat quarters.

Rather than re-write my entire review you can see it here. The bottom line is I was blown away by the customer service of this internet-only shop. The owner actually personally replied (within an hour!) to an email I sent on a Sunday afternoon saying someone would follow up with me the next day. Within 36 hours I had swatches in my mailbox. Finally making my decision and placing my order on a Friday, I received the lovingly packed bundle shown above the next Monday!

If you make an occasional quilt, love cute quilting cottons for garment sewing or just love cotton...check out the Fat Quarter Shop...you won't be disappointed!


  1. Open it! I want to see what's inside!!

    1. Sarah, please let me know if you receive this response to your post. Thanks...dorcas

  2. look forward to seeing it made up


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