Friday, May 25, 2012

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Patterns

I'm not really one who is prone to rant, however, I do tend to get my thong in a wad when I am forced to endure ineptness forced upon me by "the system".

Back in April I was first to respond to a fellow Pattern Reviewer who was giving away 60 (you read that right...SIXTY!!) Vogue patterns from the 70's and 80's in sizes 10-12, simply for the cost of shipping. "What a coup!" I thought as I made the PayPal transaction.

I did a ton of sewing in those eras and would bet money that I used to own some of those same patterns. No matter, it was going to be a treasure trove of delirium going through them with my mind being barraged with ideas, fabric choices, style changes, combinations, etc. Sounds heavenly to any sewing fanatic, right?

I've been like a kid at Christmas with excitement and anticipation of what might be in that box! Every day I stick my head in the office at my condo saying "Do I have a package?" I know the staff is now saying among themselves "that poor woman really needs to get a life."

Enter the United States Postal Service.

The patterns were shipped on May the 8th by the USPS originating in Williamstown, PA. Tracking it online here is the route thus far:

Williamstown, Pa to

Philly to

Jersey City to

Dallas (close...I'm in Houston) to

ATLANTA! (wrong direction) to

Memphis (paying respects at Graceland?? Dunno...) BACK TO

ATLANTA! (Too bad I don't live there any longer...I'd go pick them up)

To date, still no patterns. I now have my local post office on the case. And these people wonder why they are going out of business?

Okay, I feel better now. Thank you. Carry on.

Oh, I just HAD to add this addendum. I just filled out an online survey the USPS sent me about my level of customer satisfaction! I'm sure the will rue the day they hit "send" on that baby!


  1. Oh dear what a shame - but very annoying. Hope they turn up

  2. Looks like USPS is urging you to move to ATL........Twice there already! I do hope they find you soon!


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