Monday, June 25, 2012

One Last Time...

I said I wasn't going to get on the Maxi train since I wore them the first time back in the 70's...but I decided to go ahead and sew my Maxi Swan Song...or maybe that's sing not sew...whatever...I took the plunge again some 40 years later. 

Anyway, V8808 caught my eye...I liked the cutaway shoulders and standing collar. I had this wild print that needed a home so...back to the 70's it is:

I knew the slim cut of this bodice would require an FBA... I cheated and did an interesting Lazy Girl FBA that I describe in my Pattern Review.

This was a fun project...and easy as pie!

Sorry these pictures are all crooked...I'm not even drinking...dunno.

I think I may be a little old for the trend this time around...maybe back fat is the tipping pun.


  1. I love that style-the neckline is absolutely perfect.

  2. this looks lovely and I am sure you will make another one.....

  3. This is a fun dress! Perfect for Sunday brunch. You'll enjoy wearing this.

  4. Whoa !!!!!! What a great dress and it fits you beautifully! Did you say OLD? NEVER!!

  5. That is a great shape on you- very flattering,I love that you always use flattering colors! Love it.


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