Monday, October 21, 2013

Claire's Genius Strikes Again & a COUPON!

Most of you are familiar with Clair Tharp and her ingenious measuring and finishing tools like the SA Curve for adding seam allowances, and the E-Z Pocket and Shirtmaker tools found at her Etsy shop , but the new SA Curve Measuring Wheel blows me away! Claire has graciously offered to give my readers a 20% discount when ordered on her Etsy shop. Use coupon code ARTATTACK20 for the discount!
When I first heard about the concept it didn't really make sense to me and a pizza cutter for sewing was as far as my pea brain could take it. However, the perfect opportunity presented itself this weekend for me to try it out. After pinning the sleeve of my jacket to the body, it had much more ease than I wanted. I got my magic wheel and set it to zero at one end of the sleeve head:

Then I simply rolled around to the other end. The wheel is segmented into eight 1" sections so counting is easy either by inches, or by complete and then partial revolutions, which is how I did it:

Then I measured the jacket sleeve opening in the same manner. I had a 1" difference. I recut my sleeve 1 size smaller and was then able to sew my sleeve in flat, with a perfect fit and no easing!

Give this little tool a try. Now that I understand the concept (many time simple ideas confound me more than difficult ones!) I know I will find a myriad of uses for it on my sewing projects. No more trying to get a tape measure to stand on its side!


  1. Art attack, this is indeed a genius idea.

    One question - shouldn't we be measuring the seam line instead of cutting line?

  2. Hi Kayotic,
    I guess it depends on what and why you're measuring. For my purposes it would have been an inch difference either place. I'm still experimenting with it but it was perfect for my sleeves.

  3. Hmm - being mathematically challenged I think I will investigate this.

  4. I recently received my SA Curve Measuring Wheel and I love it. I didn't purchase the handle from Claire. I use the wheel on my Olfa rotary cutter handle and it is great. I purchased 2 wheels and no handle.

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I bought one in August, but it never came. I just looked and the tracking says it was delivered. Weird. But it is a great tool!

  6. Hey Dorcas, thanks for the review! I just put a coupon up for your readers, it is ARTATTACK20 for 20% off at the Etsy site. I have been measuring armholes a bunch lately and I am getting pretty darn particular about what I think is comfy.

  7. Whhaaat? I use the flat curve like crazy, I will have to check this out!

  8. I bought a seam allowance curve ruler from Claire and never looked back. This tool is no on my wish list.


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