Friday, November 25, 2011

New sewing tool...the Texas Curve

Well, I'm at it one more time with Vogue 1261. I wanted to make View A with the scoop neck out of a really great knit embellished with a glittery gold ornament looking design on it...not your typical Christmas colors but great holiday colors for an autumn toned complexion like mine...and the gift? It was a half price remnant at High Fashion so I had to make it mine.  

So...I've made this top twice before and knew I needed to further perfect the fit at the waist. Being rather full busted, tops that are cut straight down without some contour in the waist tend to make me look rather dumpy...which translates to frumpy!

Somehow, in my move from Atlanta back to Houston, I have yet to uncover my French curve so I put my thinking cap on. Brainstorm: I made 2 ovals in Microsoft Publisher in the general size and shape I wanted to nip at the waist. I cut them out and placed them according to previous measurements and basically went from the Medium at the bust and hips down to the Extra-small only at the waist:

I drew the curve onto the pattern with a red Sharpie and then taped all along the outside of the curve. Then I cut several slices into the curve so I could easily fold the pieces back to cut my fabric:

It worked great and gave me just the bit of definition that I needed to slim out the look of this tunic. I've decided to call my new invention the Texas Curve. Try it! It worked great!


  1. great results - love the top and it looks wonderful

  2. Nice tip. I like the name, Texas curve. I do something similar at the center back with an invisible, Texas curve.

  3. We're supposed to use a tool to do this? :-) I usually "eyeball" it because I am never sure how to use those dang French curves. Self taught sewist with gaps in her knowledge...

    This is beautiful fabric and I like the lines of this tunic as well as your recent one.

  4. Love it, I'm about to make this pattern and must consider whether I need a 'Texas curve'.


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