Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vogue 1261: Alice + Olivia Tunic = Awesome

I zipped up two of these tops in no time. Adorable pattern. Buy it. Then save yourself...throw away the instructions before you do anything else! Forget all the paper and tape and ribbon for making seams. Who has time for that nonsense making some artsy seam? Cut both the front and back on the fold and get on down the road!

Another change I made was the on the neckline and the cowl. I cut the shirt out in a medium except for the neckline which I cut along the extra small size which enlarged the neckline about 1". The pattern has it a single layer cowl where the wrong side will show when laying at the neckline. Why? I widened the cowl about an inch to accommodate the larger neckline and then I lengthened the cowl about 2-1/2" and folded it in half before serging to the neckline. That way there is no wrong side of my fabric showing. I made both of these in a Medium and did not need my usual FBA. I also nipped a little bit in at the waist so it didn't look so sacky on me.


  1. Great version. I agree. Chuck the directions. Sew intuitively.
    Less baldness that way.........

  2. wow you are on a roll with your tops - very nice indeed.

  3. Both of these are great too! I especially love how you handled the cowl - great solution!

  4. I like your sewing attitude - great! It certainly works for you those tops are super.
    Another blog I have to follow, thanks


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