Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfect Sleeve for V1250

I made this dress numerous times last summer including the one above, however, I wanted to wear this one now and it's a little too early in the year to go sleeveless. I used the sleeve from V8511 and it fit perfectly:

The dropped shoulder on V1250 is virtually the same as the pattern above:

I did find the sleeve very wide and I started narrowing it from one inch under the arm tapering down to a mark I made 2" in from the wrist seam. That slimmed the sleeve and it is tight enough to stay pushed up when I what that look.  I drafted a sleeve for V1250 last year but this one fits and feels much better. Try's a good fit!


  1. You would never know it wasn't meant to have the sleeves, looks great!

  2. This is very pretty and I still have to get some sleeves on my V1250 because I love that pattern. Have plans to make a couple more for this spring/summer!

  3. great adaptation of the dress, love the pattern on the fabric too


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